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  • Canvas art is a great photo gift. How?

    A meaningful photo gift?

    The use of canvas has been used employed in the art in many ways. For instance, a photo can be framed using canvas to it look specials and attractive, as a photo gift!

    In case you are thinking of sending a photograph as a gift to your loved ones then you should consider transforming the picture into a framed canvas print.

    Companies have also been…

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  • Woodworking: What you should know

    Woodworking 101

    Woodworking is the skill or action of creating objects from wood and consists of cabinet making such as furniture and cabinetry, joinery, wood carving, woodturning and finally the carpentry. With the progression of contemporary technology and the demands of the industry, woodwork as a sector has transformed. During to this progression, numerous computer based programs have been introduced in the woodworking hence making the process of production to be faster with less…

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  • The awesome versatility of wooden beads

    Why wooden beads are awesome?

    Wooden beads are special since they offer that organic feel to your crafting or beading work. Despite the complexity of your work, incorporating wooden beads gives it natural appearance and feeling. You can use them together with other materials like gemstones, crystals, and pearls. They also work well with similar natural materials such as horn beads, shells, and bones. Some great articles from Artfini's blog:

Showing 1– 3 of 14 results

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