Paper Vs. Canvas Art: Which Is Right For Me?

Paper Vs. Canvas Art: Which Is Right For Me?

Decorating your home is an excellent way to express your personality. When you choose the interior design of your home, you’re making the place truly yours.

It can be hard to decide, though, between paper and canvas art. There are pros and cons to both. Like other aspects of decorating, the choice is ultimately up to your personal taste.

Advantages of Paper Art

Paper can be a great medium for certain types of art. Photographs have a much more traditional look and feel when you choose paper. You’ll also be able to see the details of photos more clearly when they are printed on paper.

When you have paper art, choosing a great frame can add a lot to the image. Color and design can accent the piece and make it stand out in your room.

Finally, black and white photographs can look incredible when printed on quality paper. With the detail you get along with the striking contrast, the art can be the focal piece of a room.

Disadvantages of Paper Art

Paper art can be difficult to display because the image does not fill the page. There’s a border around the image that’s about 3 – 5 inches wide. To correctly display paper art, you will need to frame it, which can be expensive.

Paper art also doesn’t work as well for types of art that isn’t photography. Paintings and other forms of artwork won’t have the depth and texture that make them really beautiful.

You’ll also have to be aware of lighting with paper art. Prints reflect light and glare can make the image difficult to see.

Advantages of Canvas Art

Choosing wrapped canvas can be a stylish way to display art without needing a frame. Because there are no borders, you can enjoy the full image across the canvas.

There are a huge variety of sizes available for canvas, which means that if you want to cover an entire wall with a picture, canvas art is a great choice. There’s an artistic feel to canvas, and you can get a three-dimensional look that gives pictures incredible depth.

Canvas is also durable and can last generations without diminishing in quality. If you want to reproduce the look of an oil or acrylic painting, canvas is the best choice.

Disadvantages of Canvas Art

There aren’t a lot of disadvantages to canvas, but there are a few times it’s not the look you’re going for. The texture of the canvas can impact the image, and can sometimes distract from the details. If you have a highly detailed photograph, you may choose smooth paper as a better medium.

Once a canvas is stretched and mounted, you cannot change it like you can swap paper prints in and out of frames. If you think you will want to change the art in your home frequently, paper art may be a better choice.

When you choose how to decorate your home, there are a dizzying array of options. As you look over artwork, you will likely find that canvas is the best choice for many pieces. However, for some detailed photographs, you may find that paper is a better presentation. Either way, artwork is an excellent way to make your home reflect your personal style.

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