Japanese Ring Puzzle: Where is the best place to buy?

As you may already know, we also makes wooden toys, especially Japanese Ring Puzzle, beside our creative line of art pieces, such as Wallart, TABLEart, Lamplay, etc.

Something to know about the original hand-crafters behind Japanese Ring Puzzle

We own Garage9 – a humble workshop to handcraft and ship the utmost challenging wooden puzzles around the world.

Josh, our lead toy maker and customer champion, also has his own informal blog here, which you can read about some interesting behind-the-scene stories about us and the journey.

Japanese Ring Puzzle

I bet you cannot solve this puzzle!

What is Japanese Ring Puzzle?

Japanese Ring Puzzle was invented by a Canadian inventor, whose identity still remained unknown.

People have coined different names to the puzzle, including Japanese Hard Ring Puzzle, Loop de Loop, etc. However, we prefer to use the name ‘Japanese Ring Puzzle’.

It is due to the fact that this ring and rope puzzle was made viral by a 73 year-old Japanese man, named Akihara, who had spent 10 years to solve the puzzle.

We hope this fact won’t freak you out. On a bright side, he didn’t do it full time within those 10 years.

You can watch that hilarious video below, where Akihara-san has sought for helps from magician, mathematician, monkey

Finally, a puzzle expert from Japenese Puzzle Association (yes, it exists) manages to do the seemingly simple thing – to move the metal ring from one bead to another.

He helped save Akihara from the 10-year puzzle curse.

Find Japanese Ring Puzzle for sale?

This ring and rope puzzle requires a high level of precision to make sure that all the rings (both metal and wooden), rope, beads, wooden stick and base have proper sizes and lengths.

Any element that doesn’t meet requirement will destroy the aesthetics and make the puzzle unplayable. You don’t want that, right?

When you look for a Japanese Ring Puzzle to buy, here are some tips to start:

  • You should only purchase from branded website with a track record, or at least proven pictures to show they exist and manufacture your toys. Buy from Garage9 to have your items shipped the fastest (plus, we often run special promotions). 
  • You can buy the puzzle from prestigious online marketplace, such as eBay, Bonanza, Brisksale, and Amazon. They all have Buyer Protection.
  • You should buy the original Japanese Ring Puzzle with round beads. Some suppliers make rectangular boxes instead. That saves them some bucks; however, their puzzles are not nice and will affect your playing experience.

At Garage9 and Artfini, we stand behind our products and truly care about quality and customer satisfaction.

Japanese Ring Puzzle

We meticulously handcraft each and every wooden puzzles.

All of our Japanese Ring Puzzles come with FREE global shipping policy and you can easily return the product within 30 days if there is any problem/defect.

Want to sell Japanese Ring Puzzle?

We offer three programs for anyone (from passionate puzzle solvers to accountants) to start selling Japanese Ring Puzzle easily:

  1. Affiliate Program: You simply sign up for an affiliate account and help us reach potential customers. We have good commission rates for different numbers of goods sold. The higher, the merrier! This is an easier way to start earning immediately. All you need to do is to promote our product.
  2. Drop-shipping: If you have a relating e-commerce store with good traffic, you can sell our products straight on your site. We will take care of the rest professionally.
  3. Sell at physical stores: If you have physical stores or want to buy wholesale Japanese Ring Puzzles to sell locally, it is a piece of cake. Let us know about the number of shipping method (air, sea, road). We will ship the puzzles to your doorsteps as fast as you can imagine.
japanese ring puzzle

Let’s bring joy to people around the world!

Please send an email to support@garage9.net for further assistance. Josh will reply to you within 24 hours.

Last but not least …

Grab your Japanese Ring Puzzle today with FREE shipping and a special discount code from Artfini now: BUY IT HERE

Apply code FB5 when you check out :).

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