The awesome versatility of wooden beads

Why wooden beads are awesome?

Wooden beads are special since they offer that organic feel to your crafting or beading work. Despite the complexity of your work, incorporating wooden beads gives it natural appearance and feeling.

You can use them together with other materials like gemstones, crystals, and pearls. They also work well with similar natural materials such as horn beads, shells, and bones.

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There is a wide selection of wooden beads available for purchase. The more natural the type of bead, the more rustic the finished product will be.

They also come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, making them compatible with any style of beading finish you are aiming at.

Examples of these beads are ebony, gray wood, palm wood, redwood, rosewood, robes, white wood, and others. There are also some Japanese ones which are the most sought after.

Japanese Ring Puzzle

I bet you cannot solve this puzzle!

Beside the Japanese Ring Puzzle …

The popularity of wooden beads has increased in recent times, making jewelry that has them in their designs to be highly priced.

These beads also have the added benefit of varying densities and patterns as a result of the type of wood used for the beads.

The ease of carving these wooden beads as opposed to other materials like metals adds to their popularity. The choice of finishing is also plenty.

They can be polished, lacquered, painted, oiled, or in some designs, burned to create artistic impressions.

The lightness in their weight enables a craftsman to make big and bold jewelry pieces while ensuring they will still be comfortable to wear and carry around. There are tree species such as sandalwood that have made it possible to make pleasant smelling jewelry. This opens up the possibilities.

You can also use these wooden pieces to make inlays in jewelry crafted from precious minerals like silver or gold. They are also included in the crafting of pendants, cuff links, rings and bracelets, and some unique and beautiful anklets.

wooden beads

Wooden beads can form the basis of a jewelry piece’s support, where it is surrounded by other materials. There exist some examples out there in the market. These beads can also be covered with other materials like fabric, to enable the ease of embedding on other materials, like buttons and such.

If you plan on doing some beading work, arrange to purchase wooden beads, preferably in bulk. They are very affordable and unique.

The fact that there are even cheaper when bought in bulk affords the craftsman the option of dropping a design project that is not turning out as expected.

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